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Notice: Nanjing NR drum closure plant
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  Nanjing NR drum closure plant
  Contacts:Mr.DC Zhu
  Mobile:+86 - 135 8843 0011
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company brief



company brief

  Nanjing NR drum closure plant established in 1976, which has more than 40 years experience of designing and manufacturing drum closure,drafted the Chinese standard of drum closure GB/T13251. Our plant has customers all over the world, including China,America,Germany, Italy, Russia...etc.We have over 50 engineers who have very strong technical background and rich experience in design or manufacture. NR drum closure plant passed ISO9001-2008 quality system audit, and has around 12 patents about drum closures. NR drum closure plant is the industrial leader of drum packaging.

zinc plated steel plug
zinc plated steel flange
lacquered drum closure
Stainless steel drum closure
steel plugs for cover drum painting - no thread
steel plugs for cover drum painting - with thread
trivalent chrome plated drum closures

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